Fergal Carr is a performance-driven, award-winning, and multi-faceted Digital Media Executive with 14+ years of transferrable experience operating as a brand steward while leading product development, online/print media communications, and community engagement. Proven track record in updating systems to meet industry standards, integrating technology to maximize business development & revenue growth, and launching new products & initiatives with operational best practices.

He has made a name for himself in the digital advertising industry, garnering experience on the design and operations side before moving into the innovation and technology fields. Carr has collaborated with top brands including Apple, Ford, ATT, Verizon, HP, Google, Microsoft, Gucci, Intel, Cisco, Delta,  Chevron, Shell, BMW, Ford, Cartier and AirBNB to name a few.

Carr graduated from the University of Ulster in Derry, Northern Ireland with a Bachelor of Science Degree in interactive Multimedia Design. Carr moved to New York to start his career in 2003, developing websites for entrepreneurs, and designing and producing online advertising banners and digital products for Cyberworx Inc. before joining the New York Times's digital operations team in 2005.

NYTimes Ad Operations

Carr joined the New York Times Advertising Operations department as a Rich Media Specialist, building Flash-based advertising units, and researching new ad technologies in support of the Sales teams.  From there, Carr was promoted to Manager, Emerging Technologies -- leading efforts to integrate advertising with video into emerging platforms, including mobile applications for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, and creating video advertising strategies with the Advertising Sales group. 

Carr was then promoted to Director of Ad Technology, collaborating with clients, agencies, sales and editorial teams to develop unique ad executions – from initial concepts to end delivery – and to ensure site-wide rich media compatibility and optimization. Carr was also tasked with analyzing potential sales partners and identifying advertising projects for revenue growth. In his two years as Director, Carr won a number of Publisher Awards for Excellence in Print, Digital or Visual Journalism. In 2010, Carr also won The New York Times's highest honor, its Punch Award, which recognizes employees who achieve superior performance in their field, for his work on creating flexible and high-impact home page executions.  

Ad Innovation/Idea Lab

In 2012, Carr was promoted to Director of Ad Innovation, where he put together a team of designers and developers to create custom products, platforms and advertising solutions for brands and marketers. Building on technology and innovative software from vendors, Carr and his team developed more than thirty home-grown advertising solutions and prototypes, yielding more than $15 million in incremental revenue.  

TBrand Studio

With the industry's focus shifting to native advertising in 2013, Carr Co-Founded Brand Studio, The New York Times in-house creative agency. Here he led the product development and technology teams to build an in-house platform creating unique branding and advertising solutions.  In this start-up environment, Carr built a pre- to post-sales production process covering all elements from the initial pitch to wireframing, prototyping, quality assurance to final production-ready implementation. Carr's team of developers, designers, and engineers have worked with more than 80 brands & agencies on more than 100 advertising executions, growing the TBrand Studio from the ground into a multi-million dollar new revenue stream. LATEST WORK CAN BE SEEN HERE

Hearst Newspapers

In June 2016 Carr moved to Hearst Newspapers as Senior Vice President of Consumer Product. In this role Carr is building out a design, product, marketing and technology team working for developing the next generation of news products supporting local news.

Leading Initiatives Across:
- Product Development & Management
- Design (UX / UI)
- Technology
- User Research
- Ad Products/Marketing
- Strategy

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